Kelly Nutt Design is an interior design studio that focuses on all levels of design needs.  From new construction to renovations, we can be accommodating to various levels of demand.  We are a firm that is rooted in Newport Beach, California but are dedicated to jobs both near and far. We are committed to our clients' design needs from the dawning of the vision to the final installation. 

We pride ourselves in creating designs that are current, yet sophisticated. With the use of a fairly traditional foundation, but prevailing textiles, we find our work to be understated yet well defined.  We strive to ensure a level of comfort that reflects the needs of the client but also brings another layer of sophistication to the project.  


Kelly Nutt...owner & designer


Kelly Nutt started her interior design company in 2007 after being in the design business for over 10 years.  Her passion for this trade began at Ralph Lauren in Beverly Hills and South County where she worked for several years before moving to Barclay Butera.  A couple years later she began working along side her sister who was currently running an interior design business of her own.  Her passion for the trade continued to blossom and prompted her to begin designing on her own.  In 2007 she opened her company, Kelly Nutt Design which embodies a current, yet traditional and sophisticated style.  Kelly has continued to pursue her love for interior design and bring to life creative dreams for each of her clients.